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About us

Nanjing Wool Market (NWM) was established in 1988 by ministry of textile industry for the purpose of developing wool base, organizing wool auction and trade fair, originally named “Nanjing Wool Auction and Trade Centre”. Having been ratified by China System Reform Committee, it changed its name into “Nanjing Wool Market” in 1992.

After approval of China Wool Textile Association, China Wool Textile Association Wool Special Committee is set up in Nanjing Wool Market in charge of daily work of special committee in 1998.

Being held every year, “China Wool Trade Fair & Information Conference” attracts so many representatives from animal husbandry, industry, and commercial circles. We have won great reputation in wool textile industry. NWM has been awarded as civilized market by State Administration for Industry and Commerce.As a statutory authority, Nanjing Wool Market deals with information exchange, wool auction, broker, logistic, technology consultation and so on. It has nine functions as followers.

Information & Website

The weekly published magazine Nanjing Wool Market Information, and its website - www.woolmarket.com.cn, have been universally accepted by the national wool industry as the most authoritative “weatherglass” of wool prices. The website has opened up new areas of wool marketing in e-business trade. It provides promptly domestic and overseas information for us to learn the situation of global wool trade.

Training Function

We hold regular training of wool business both at home and abroad, bringing up professional marketing personnel for the mills. We have held over 70 business training courses and technique seminars in corporation, farm, and wool producing areas in Australia and New Zealand on wool sorting, wool preparing, import trade, new products, new techniques, and so on.

Since 2011 it was named as “NWM Wool Training Institute” which was successfully held for nearly 6 years including overseas trainings. Almost over 350 trainees took the course, and they were representatives from national wool textile enterprises.

The experts from home and abroad have served as professors during the course and gave the trainees amazing lectures.

Auction & Trade

Fair, adjust and open market transactions could enable growers to sell wool happily and mills to buy with security. It is helpful in increasing growers’ income and pushing the economic development of wool industry. We not only provide services for domestic wool, but also successfully held auctions in China for BWK-ELDES with wool samples.

Nanjing Wool Market Conference

Since the establishment of Nanjing Wool Market, we have successfully held for 28 times the NWM Conferences and other conferences.

Nanjing Wool Market Conference is an annual meeting for global wool people to gather together with the aim to discuss current issues of the industry, future developments as well as new market opportunities. Participants include growers, traders, primary processors, spinners, weavers and garment manufacturers, together with organizations involved in the wool-related pipeline

Social Services

The secretariat of the Wool Special Committee of Chinese Wool Textile Association is located at NWM, mainly in charge of daily work of special committee.

At the same time, we also receive traders and woolgrowers from various countries and introduce them Chinese wool industry and the usage of foreign wool in China.

Arbitration Function

As the secretariat of China-Australia & China-New Zealand Joint Working Group on Wool, Nanjing Wool Market is willing to independently, impartially and rapidly settle trade disputes for traders both at home and abroad, through simple procedures, efficient handling, low cost, and professional work-style. We have become official partners with Jiangsu CIQ, providing our members with multi-functional integrated services for wool testing, making sure the inspection result of trade disputes is accurate and reliable.

Financing Function

Nanjing Wool Market cooperate with the bank to provide a series of financing services, including the warehouse receipt of wool materials to pawn, discounting Bills of Exchange & Letters of Credit, L/C agent business, itermediary trade and so on. Besides, we also supply  pawn financing in supervised warehouse .

NWM Certification Function

In order to promote the international trade for wool products and meet the requirement of PETA, and being in the neutral and the recognized position of this organization, the Nanjing Wool Market has introduced a new function to better serve the Chinese wool textile industry and matters relating to the animal hair sector in general. The new service is known as the Nanjing Wool Market Certification incorporated in the China Wool Textile Animal Welfare System. This service will provide the certification to verify the mulesing status as well as rabbit hair harvesting method.

Promotion Station of wool and special fiber products