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British Wool Market

From:Nanjing woolmarket       Date:2015-11-30 00:00:00       Share:

The ninth sale of the 2015/16 Season was held by the British Wool Marketing Board at Wool House and offered 2,066,652 kgs. The sale started strongly with keen competition and increased prices. This resulted in another full clearance.
Compared to last time sold: Fine types: 2-3% dearer. Medium types: 3-4% dearer. Romney types: 4% dearer. Mule types: 3-5% dearer. Cheviot types: 2-5% dearer. Radnor types: 5-7% dearer. Welsh types: 3-6% dearer. Swaledale types: 5-7% dearer. Blackface types: up to 2% dearer.
Average Price 125p/kg, indicator (greasy) 125p/kg, indicator (clean) 184p/kg.